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Whilst panels can be offered in most metals, the standard commercial offering is in aluminium or colour coated steel.


Aluminium roofs have been installed across the world for over 100 years.

Its high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance and good formability make it the perfect choice for roof panels.

is produced in 3000 series aluminium alloy in both plain mill and painted finishes in a huge range of colours. PVDF (poly vinyl di-fluoride) coated aluminium is the preferred option for , particularly where the integrated solar panel is to be fitted.

Coated steel

  panels can be produced in a range of colour coated steels, including 'Prisma' coated steel from Tata Group. Prisma is a high quality paint finish with extended life expectancy. Warranties of up to 25 years are available, depending on site location and colour (see Tata Steels details for more information).

Prisma coated steel is particularly suitable where is to be combined with the Metektron solar panel.

Aluminium installed on the Dome of San Gioacchino Church in Rome, 1898

Business units with ProSeam panels in painted aluminium, RAL 7016

ProSeam panels in colorcoat steel with Flextron solar modules